Today, we all vegged and relaxed around the house. We need it. I've got the cough that won't go away and Ed needs to get that leg healed up before returning to work.

I think the kids are going a little stir crazy, but it's important for Ed to take it easy. Funny thing is that I got him a little ottoman to use to keep his leg propped up. If he is not in the living room, they are all over that sucker, carrying it all over the place.

Last night, I soaked my aching back in the tub and watched Bride Wars at the same time. (I did something to the back but I'm not sure what. It's not pleasant.) It was a cute movie. Watching while soaking was pleasant. I wonder how many people with more money than me have installed flat screens within view of the garden tubs.

Back to the grindstone. These assignments don't complete themselves, you know!


Lisa said…
With everything that your family as been through Im happy that you were able to chill today! Sounds like heaven soaking in the tub and watching a movie, i recently just watched bride wars last week. I enjoyed it too! Hope you have a great week !
Loved Bride Wars, it's just the perfect movie for when you're relaxing. Glad you finally got some down time.

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