Stress, Stress and More Stress

There are few things I don't put in the blog.

I don't blog about some people, because when I do, my husband gets a lot of grief about it and told to make me stop. He tells them the same thing every time "I have no control over what she does or says." It's true, just as I don't control what he does or says.

Suffice to say, the parties I do not write about are the cause for a lot of concern and worry right now. Some of it is preventable bullshit, some of it is the aftermath of previous stress on another person. A meal out with this person last night just drove home the point that thinks are not okay, nor will they ever be again.

After 36 hours of extreme stress, today was almost a normal day for us. We went to Bed Bath and Beyond to find the 60 cup Keurig K cup sampler (it only has 3 varieties we haven't tried and several we have tons of already), out for mexican for lunch, then did grocery shopping and did some housecleaning.

A funny story-Chef made himself a cup of coffee and noticed some ants. Here in Florida, they're a constant issue, but Ed had sprayed thoroughly last month, so we decided to try to find the source and pulled out the stove.

Underneath, we found two cookie shees (not ours) and a car registration sticker for our landlord's truck. It expired 12-05, so landlord probably was ticked that he couldn't find the darn thing soon after he moved into this house! If I hadn't already given him the rent check yesterday, I would have handed it to him with the check. For not being moved in 5 years, it wasn't too dusty back there, and we got rid of the ants.

Now, we're enjoying some wine, a race and Chef's in the tent in the backyard with two of his friends. You'd never know we were dealing with all the bullshit that's going on lately.


daysgoby said…
Will this all straighten out soon?

We're heading into another high-stress time over here, too - J's Dad just headed back into the hospital. And it feels so wrong not to be able to talk about that on my blog, because it's a big scary thing and I do better writing out the stress....

I'm this close to starting an anonymous blog that I can carp on.

I hope you have a WONDERFUL day today.
you know where you can vent if you need to! hope the stress eases up soon.

having just seen what accumulates behind a refrigeratorI can sympathize about the stove after 15 years...
Suzanne said…
Jess, probably not, unfortunately.

Robin, thanks for the offer. I thought I put a small post up there yesterday, but I didn't.
Anonymous said…
*blink* Chef made a cup of coffee? Oh dear.. not even 10 yet!
Suzanne said…
Yep, he likes his Java. Complete opposite of Mom-I didn't start drinking coffee until 6 years ago.
Saffa Chick said…
Reading between the lines... oh dear! And oh damn about the end of your job - I hope like crazy that another one pops up soon!

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