Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

Living in this house, one hears a ton of video game music. Good, bad and everything in between. From the Tetris melody coming out of my laptop, to the dreadful Pokemon music and for a time, whatever 'channel' was chosen on Grand Theft Auto.

Once in a while, there is video game music that is so good that it easily can stand on its own merits. Jill told me a while back that I should pick up Endless Ocean for the Wii. She explained that not only was the game good, the music was fantastic. In fact, she'd gone out and picked up more discs from Hayley Westenra because she and her boyfriend had enjoyed them so much.

At the time, I headed over to You Tube and found a song from Endless Ocean:

Then, a favorite Kate Bush song, Wuthering Heights:

This is a song that I consider impossible to cover without sounding shrill in the higher registers, but Hayley does a good job. (just a little fast, IMO.)

There's another game that Ed has been playing lately, and instead of insipid music that drives me nuts, I actually LIKE it when I hear the music blaring from his computer. World of Goo, which can actually be downloaded from WiiWare, has a pleasant soundtrack behind the game play.

Sometimes, it pays to unmute those games, for you find something that doesn't get stuck in your head, driving you crazy.


LceeL said…
World of Goo is addicting!! And yes, the music ain't bad, either.

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