Over the weekend, Chef Jr was showing signs of a nasty cold. It didn't slow him down at all, and I'm of the mind of letting the kids do whatever they're up to doing.

Last night, I started feeling a little stuffy. Crap. Sleep was sporadic and I finally had settled down into some Z's when Ed nudged me and asked if I'd set the alarm-8 minutes before it was to go off.

I woke Game Teen up, he got himself ready for school and I told him I was feeling pretty crappy and wouldn't be driving him up to the bus stop. (It's really up the block and he's fine, but I do it more for my comfort than his.) I set my alarm for 7am to get Chef up for school.

At 7, I woke him up and told him I feel yucky and was going back to bed. Chef honestly has been self sufficient in the morning for well over a year-he just needs someone to wake him. I pulled a comforter out of the laundry room and went back to sleep on the couch.

When Ed got up for work, I stirred for a moment, then went back to sleep. That's been the majority of my day. Sleeping. I was still dozing when Chef, then Game Teen came home.

About 20 minutes after Game Teen came home, I asked Chef where he was and he said he went into his room-but I heard nothing coming from there, not the usual sounds of the DS, nor him talking to himself.

No, he was asleep on my bed. For Game Teen to put himself to bed means he. is. sick. A couple hours later, he woke and told me that he noticed his throat hurting at lunch time.

We're adjusting to the 5:20am wake up, so he's still rebelling against the new 8pm bedtime. Not today, though. He's been in his own bed since about 7pm. I just need to wake him to take his bedtime pills.

Spring colds suck.


LceeL said…
Colds anytime suck - but especially, it would seem, in the Springtime. Just when you want to be outside, Mama nature slips you one and boom - you're down for a while.

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