What's For Dinner Wednesday

Jane actually requested today's meal.

When I mentioned that I would be making some marinara sauce, she asked if I'd make sausages to go with it. Normally, sausages are only paired with onions and peppers in my kitchen. What the heck, I'll give it a go. (I was a little too tired to make the other option for me for tonight).

Chef Jr has a strange pasta quirk. He doesn't like spaghetti, but he'll eat any other type of noodle. It makes no sense, but I have to roll with it. Ther were only two choices in the pantry today. Remember, I'm the weird person who hardly makes pasta, right?

So, sausages, sauteed with onions, homemade marinara and elbow macaroni ended up being tonight's dinner. It was pretty filling, too.

My original plan for tonight was one of my mom's meals. I'll hold that in reserve for a different WFDW.

Now I am stuffed.


Grandy said…
I had canned chicken with laughing cow cheese wedge, and some ritz.

I'm so gourmet. ;)

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