Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

Normally, you'd get a nice little essay about the music that impacts my life. Sometimes, it inspires you to seek out the artists I talk about. Even better, there are times that the comments bring new sounds into my life.

Today, I am going to give you the annoying earwig that I've been dealing with, because I am hearing two of my menfolk sing it off and on through out the day.

Kudos to Baskin Robbins-you've succeeded masterfully with this one:

Through the years, we all have fallen victim to those jingles that won't get out of our heads. From "I'm a Pepper", to "I'd like to buy the world a Coke", to "Sometimes you feel like a nut, some times you don't", to "Choo choo Charlie" to a song where you sing the ingredients of a Big Mac quickly. The effective ad man knows he's got 15 to 30 seconds to hook us, to get that song in our head. When the job is well done, we are singing it EVERYWHERE.

Viral video? No, viral commercials have been around for decades. Please tell me I'm not the only one who trots out the Almond Joy jingle to sing at my kids every once in a while? I am? Oh well, I am a sucker for the viral jingle.

Like right now. All I hear is do the ice cream and cake...


Kaoscapt said…
Hello Darlin',

Just a little more info 'bout that little tune that's been so disruptive 'round these parts lately...

The song is 'Ice Cream and Cake' and it's by the Buckwheat Boyz.
Elaine said…
I admit I cannot stand that commercial. Of course I cannot stand the song they ripped it off from either ;)
Anonymous said…
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Suzanne said…
Ed, You have to admit the darn thing is annoying! It makes me think of every year at Sea World, the DJ playing that "jump to the left" song.

Elaine, I am with you 100%. It drives me nuts, but I know how much my two love ice cream and cake, so it's not as annoying when they sing it.

Kate, there's a new one of those. Yes, we sing all of those, lol!

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