Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

Since beginning writing about music every Sunday, today's topic had come up many times. Never on Sunday, though-so it remained unwritten. However, I got a new headset for the laptop this week to better participate in those Elluminate sessions (and FNLs at MomDot, too), and had to test the sound quality.

This meant I had to open Pandora's box. She of the musical genome project, of determining my likes, playing those and then branching out into other songs I might like with similar characteristics.

I got some favorites, alright. Some really good sad songs. I am a sucker for a good sad song, for several reasons. When I was going through a bad time years ago, I could sing along with them and wallow in the misery contained in the words. It was therapy in the simplest sense. Elton John even wrote a song about the concept, but of course-it's not the slightest bit sad!

Some of the songs in my Sad song hit list:

Trisha Yearwood, Hearts In Armor. This album has a plethora of sad songs, but the title track? Simple, well stated and powerful.
Kelly Coffey, I Would Die For That. Disney fans will know Kelly from singing "We Go On" and "Promise" on the IllumiNations soundtrack. She wrote this song about her struggle with infertility and it makes me sad that not everyone who want to be a parent is given the opportunity.
Suzy Boggus, Part of Me. I owned her Aces album for a few years, but it was one that got me through that rough patch.
Enya, Miss Clare Remembers. Even instrumental pieces rate. This melancholy piano piece reeks of sadness for me.
Billy Joel, Goodnight Saigon. Most will beg to differ, but this is possibly my favorite of his albums, with this song easily my all time favorite. If I recall correctly, Billy drew a high number for his year and wasn't drafted. To an extent, the Vietnam war had an impact on those who didn't get called to duty.
Julia Fordham, Girlfriend. The whole Porcelain album reeks of broken heart. This one is the saddest.
Beatles, Eleanor Rigby. Probably one of the first sad songs that when I could understand the words, just struck me at how sad it was that these people were lonely.
Gilbert O'Sullivan, Alone Again, Naturally. I was captivated by the melody and the song structure. It wasn't until I was a teen that I realized the song was a suicide declaration.
Wilson Phillips, Flesh and Blood. Carnie and Wendy's song to their dad has a happy ending-they have been reunited with Brian, but this song speaks of the long estrangement that the father and his daughters had.

The list easily has twenty or thirty more. Thing is, I only can think of a dozen or so at a time because they are so sad.

How about you? Any songs that just make you feel bad for the artist, because it is just so sad?


I saw a high school dance team do a lyrical number to Goodnight Saigon a few years ago. it was incredibly dramatic. they won that competition. but they had an incredible song to work with, didn't they?

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