The Many Faces of Chef Junior

It all started with a simple statement. "Chef, I think I need to get you a haircut this week before school starts?"
"But Moooooooooom, the bush is my friend!" As he plays with his curly locks.
"Kiddo, I think if you ran a comb through your hair, they'd find out where Jimmy Hoffa has been hidden!"
After explaining who Jimmy Hoffa was, he reacted like this after realizing I was implying a dead body could be lost in that mess:
"My curls are me, Mom. Stay away with the clippers, dude!"
(yes, I am dude. Everyone is dude.)

Here's the deal. He'll want to cut his hair sometime after the school year begins. Whenever that happens AFTER the first week of school, everyone seems bummed that his locks are gone.


LceeL said…
Isn't it great to be a kid and NOT have any NOSE HAIRS?
ligirl said…
Ha ha! I noticed that too! Isn't that great? Those nostrils...clean as a whistle!

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