The Next Food Network Star-Season Finale

Season five is over and a winner's show will begin on Sunday morning. Who is it? Well, if you haven't seen it or been to the Food Network website, I'm keeping you in the dark for a few more paragraphs!

The show starts with a reunion of the ten finalists on stage, with Bobby Flay emceeing. Clips are shown of various finalists and we see how their friendships have developed. Apparently Michael and Katie are now really, really good friends.

Next, a glimpse of the two finalists with their families. It was noted that Jeffrey and Melissa were the only contenders with kids and they were asked if that had a factor in their strategies in the competition. Most definitely.

Time to make some pilots. Jeffrey and Melissa had a conference with Alton Brown, who would be producing/directing the pilots. Each had a name that Alton shot down, and Melissa's pilot was "Kitchen Survival Tips" and Jeffrey's was "The Ingredient Smuggler"

The pilots showcased each well, but as my friend Jill noted, Jeffrey did not give a lot of detail about the 'smuggled ingredient'. Both required multiple takes, but Alton got Melissa to focus with the simple request of her to 'be herself'.

Back to the studio, where everyone gets to see the aforementioned pilots. Afterwards, Susie Fogelson tells them that Alton's opinon that they had TWO professionals who would do well. High praise from the man who is known for being an exacting perfectionist. This backs up the opinion that Ed and I have held-that both deserve shows, that the runner up will show up soon after the winner with a show of their own.

We see the judges deliberate and it appears that Bob Tuschman and Susie are split and Bobby is the tie breaker. Bob extolls Jeffrey's expertise, Susie is impressed at how Melissa has grown so much and filled her pilot with so much info. It appeared that Bobby, as potential tie breaker, was clearly favoring Jeffrey for his culinary expertise and show concept.

And then, the moment of truth. Who will be the Next Food Network Star?


Sunday begins her show, $10.00 Dinners. I'm happy for her, but that's because I know that we'll probably see Jeffrey with a show right around the new year.

(This revises my audition for season six-but I've got a secret weapon.)

Thanks for joining with me this season!


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