The Sounds of Silence Breed More Sound

Ahhhhh. Do you hear it?


Complete and utter silence. No tv, no bickering, no humming, no one calling "Mooooom, he won't let me...". Granted, no Ed and no kids after a summer of cacophony means I'm singing to myself.

Singing to myself means that I have to go hit up iTunes for songs I don't have in my Cd library. If I was the average person, that would probably mean I was hitting up the latest from a favorite artist or a current hit. Not me.

I'm trolling iTunes and buying choral music. Some observations:

If a composer has a popular title, like say 'Movin' On', unless you know who performed it, it will not be found.

Choral masterworks performed by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir ALWAYS are the most popular version of the choices available. My apologies to the esteemed Mr. Jessup, but I HATE his interpretations of many works I have performed. If there isn't specific notation for dynamic, he leans towards staccato phrasing-even in a song that is described by the composer as "like a lullabye". (The piece in question? I purchased the Choir of St. George's Cathedral's recording because the organist was stunning, too.)

ITunes is probably going to think someone hacked my account, because I purchased three songs in one day. Considering that I've had my iPod since Christmas 2005 and have only spent 33.00 on their site (9.99 for a movie and 4.99 for Mah Jongg in that total), it is not my typical buying pattern.

If I don't find it on iTunes for the reason mentioned above, You Tube is more than likely going to deliver the goods. When they do, odds are great that it will be performed by the choir directed by a high school classmate.

Final thought, I really need to crack the books! At least I've got some more music to break the silence in a good way.


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