61 Months and What Do You Get?

July 17, 2004, This vehicle was added to our family:

August 13,2009, this is what we saw, sitting at a traffic light in Orlando:

When you divide 99,999 by 1853 days you get an average of 54 miles a day. Other than the blasted huge honking C pillar blind spots, I love my car. I'm fully expecting to turn 300,000 miles with this VW, because I did with the last one.

Besides, Chef Jr has designs on my car when he's old enough to drive. Maybe I should prepare him for all the baby boomer men who come up to me and ask "So, is the engine still in the back?"


Jill said…
I have a 2000 Nissan Sentra. It had around 17 miles on it when I got it in May 2000. Now, it has only close to 60k, I think. Not too shabby....haha.

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