In The Place of An Interesting Blog Post

Is this missive.

Any hopes of having a nice day with Ed were thwarted today. Instead:

*We visited the hospital and saw how much the stroke scrambled Ed's Mom's brain.
*We drove to Orlando and then back to Lakeland, all in the name of having a roof over our head for another month. (Yay)
*Our landlord (a realtor) gave us good information to share on selling a house
*Jane called me to find out what was going on with Mom and fretted that the staff needed to be warned what Mom is like. I ended up at the rehab center, talking with Jane and the social worker.
*Apparently, damaging vehicles and not knowing what happens doesn't just happen when someone drives her van. The keys to her motorized vehicles big and small have been taken away.
*After conference with social worker and Jane, I now have a project to work on.
*Then, Ed and I thought we might have things well in hand. Instead, the power at their house had been shut off-AFTER I did my grocery shopping. Can you say wedged in food? (ETA Friday-Power is back on-I need to schlep some of it back over there)
*Ed visited Mom in the hospital and she still thinks Jane is at home and that Michael hasn't left.

There's more to the story once again, but hey, that's enough crap for anyone.

Real post to return tomorrow. Even if I have to duct tape people into their hospital beds!


DoeWDW said…
No words of advice, but positive thoughts and gentle {hugs} coming your way.
- Doreen in PA
daysgoby said…
Um, yeah, that's an ENORMOUS load of crap for a person to shoulder all at once.

Y'all are in my thoughts.
Anonymous said…
So sorry for your troubles. I went through this with my Dad a few years back having to take his keys away when he developed Alz. He has since passed on, but the days ahead for you will be trying I know. My prayers are with you.
Bob said…
I have a SL of duct tape. You're welcome to it. God love you.

Suzanne said…
Doreen, thanks. Trying to find the positive in all this-coming up dry right now
Jess, you don't want to know the rest. That's about half of it.
Baba, thanks so much. I know it's going to be a bumpy ride. Part of the reason why I was the know it all bitch a few years ago-the writing was on the wall.
Bob, I may take you up on that. I'm considering making velcro beds, too. Got any of that?

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