Type A, Reporting For Duty

The other night, during that Elluminate session, my IT Ethics prof stated that she would assign us our groups after the drop/add period had passed. Then, once she assigned the groups, we would have one week to meet online, draft our group contract and submit it to her.

Well, last night, just before 11pm, the lists were issued in an email, along with telling us we needed to get together and return our contracts to her SUNDAY night,

Less than 48 hours.

I was okay with that, as there is an assignment due next Friday night. Let's get this group stuff out of the way and get to work on delegating our roles along with working on the individual assignments.

Except that not one person had sent out an email or posted on the group section of Blackboard. My Type A personality was champing at the bit, but I held off on posting. I really don't think it's a good idea to lead, in case I do find employment. Yes, it's my strength, but I don't think it'd be fair to my fellow classmates if I'm juggling family, school, work and scouts AND group leader duties.

So I waited for someone, anyone to post. Something. Heck, I know other classmates were on the class discussion board last night-they just weren't in my group. Sitting on hands, trying to be patient when I know a deadline is looming? Definitely not my strong suit.

I lasted 14 hours before I had to do something. Went into my group tools, then sent out a friendly email, asking what ideas others had for the group. What are your strengths, things you'd like to do? Weaknesses or jobs you'd like ot avoid? Important things the group should know?

The crickets were chirping. Nothing.

Four hours later, I got the first email back. My classmate apologized "I'm sorry I'm so late in replying." I think I can relate to the shock she had when I responded that she was the first. Her best friend is also in the class and that group has already drafted and approved a contract AND assigned roles for their project.


Then I wondered if we had team members who'd dropped. Looked through the tools we have at our disposal and no one has dropped, but four of the ten team members never posted to the mandatory introduction thread.


The professor has access to all the group boards, as she will base some of our indivdual grade on how much we contribute to the group. Another classmate called her on the comment during Elluminate, when she had stated we had one week. The two factors resulted in an email tonight-you can have until September 2nd.

That's fine, but heck, I'm looking at a job that has to be done and not enjoying the fact that I cannot do it alone. In my introduction, I even admitted serious reservations about the group project component.

She responded on my thread that in the workforce, we have to work as a team, so that's why she expects it in the class. I get that-I've worked in the real world for 25 years. It's far different when your paycheck or even your job depend on you working as a team. Every college group project story I've heard details the lazy team members that do nothing, but get full credit. THAT is what I was afraid of happening, and that the laziness of someone else could cost me the grade I busted my butt to earn.

Remind me of this the next time a syllabus says that 60% of the grade will come from working in a group.


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