Twelve Years Ago Today

Twenty three years ago, I had to find a new job, since my company was going out of business. My then fiance suggested I work for his employer, but we couldn't work at the same location. So, I got a job at one of their other locations, and the guy who trained me? Ed.

A friendship blossomed. Ed became a great friend to me and the fiance and joined our circle of friends. Many years later, when I was newly single, I realized that this was the person who I should spend my life with.
Chicago, 1995. My goofball and me.

Along the way, he's moved 1,000 miles here, 1,000 miles there. Sometimes, the journey hasn't been fun, but he is always there, trying to make me laugh.

Skyline Drive, 2009. Some things never change, like getting Ed to take a serious picture.

Twelve years ago today, we stood in front of family and friends and declared our love for each other. Some in that crowd were probably thinking 'it's about time!'

Much like I said when I got a GOOD picture of the two of us!

Thank you for all the laughs, putting up with me having to be right, for being my rock and loving me despite driving you nuts.

At least, this year, I was able to give you a laugh:

Happy Anniversary, Eddiebear. May we have many, many more.

I love you!


Kaoscapt said…
Every day's an adventure.

Love you forever,

LceeL said…
Awww. Sweet. Congratulations. and Happy Anniversary. A day late. A dollar short. But a genuine wish, nonetheless.
Kimberly said…
Congrats! And happy anniversary.

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