Our Game Plan is Out the Window

The plan for me to not get involved with Ed's mom and sister? Yeah, that didn't last very long. His mom had a stroke today.

She's in the hospital, Jane's in the nursing home and Ed was at work. I am involved, like it or not. Mom called Jane at the nursing home, Jane called me and I went over to the house, after a neighbor agreed to keep an eye on the boys.

The fear in her eyes was clear. The words were not coming, as if she was a record with a scratch, skipping on the turntable. She was standing at the buffet in her living room, unable to move to a seat. I called 911.

In a few minutes, the house was filled with paramedics. I answered the questions I could, but there are many I can't answer. Off to the hospital she went, and on the phone I went. A quick stop at Ed's job to let him know what was going on and then the Emergency Room was where I landed.

As for Ed's mom, she's had a CAT scan, the signs were there for a stroke (different size pupils, one side drooping) and they definitely will be admitting her. I came back home before she was placed in a room (apparently, the neurology floor is packed right now).

When I left mom's side at the hospital, I was able to let the nurse know what everyone has been experiencing with her lately, because it can be a factor in a bigger health issue.

The bad brought some good. Jane and I have been on the phone several times today and were able to talk about some of the serious topics that have been avoided. It ends up we are on the same page on 90% of what is going on, but I think it took this current hospital stay for Jane to see what I've been saying.

What happens now? I have no clue.


DoeWDW said…
I'm so sorry about Ed's Mom and am hoping she will recover quickly. {hugs} for you as you deal with this new development. I'm sending positive thoughts your way.
- Doreen in PA
Saffa Chick said…
Oh dear. Family eh?
Sending good wishes from over here...

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