Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

This week's post was inspired by a comment the lovely Sarah made on Facebook yesterday. Songs about being sexy. Oh, I know, I usually don't go there-and now I'll have weird comments and searchers because the word sex showed up on the blog.

What prompted this? A guy who was rather cringe worthy, shorts and topless, singing Rod Stewart's "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?". The answer in this case was a resounding no, but the friends of Sarah (myself included), chimed in with other songs the guy could have been singing.

I like to sing, that's been established. Even so, there are quite a few songs that I will NOT be singing in public, and "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" is there on the list. What else won't I sing in public?

I Wanna Sex You Up
Let's Talk About Sex
I Want Your Sex
I Kissed A Girl (not explaining THAT one to my boys!)
I'm F**king Matt Damon (so not happening!)
Let's Get it On
I Touch Myself
Love to Love You, Baby
Me So Horny

Some things are better left unsung, in public, anyway. Besides, songs that are less direct are probably better off at attracting a mate. Looking for a companion? Skip the in your face, blatant songs that leave nothing to the imagination.

If you want the honest truth, the songs that ARE the best for getting me in the mood aren't even about sex. I'm just not going to tell you their names.

A girl's gotta have SOME secrets!


Kate said…
So you will sing "I'm f***ing Ben Affleck"?
Suzanne said…
Good catch! No, I won't be singing that, and changing that to 'my husband' won't really appeal to anyone listening, lol.

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