Hurry Up and...


After a home health visit the other day that my mother in law 'forgot' to call me or tell me about (Ed and I want to be there for a couple of good reasons), we're now checking messages to find out when she will have these visits.

Today, she had one visit scheduled between 9am and 1pm and the physical therapist was scheduled between 12 and 1. I went over soon after 9 and began waiting with her. The first hour was productive, as I tracked down her doctor (Singh, not Ing), made an appointment, verified a prescription was ready, and sent an email to Meals on Wheels. Her dishes were piling up, so I took care of them, too.

Once those were done, I did a little school based work, with mom in law looking over my shoulder. Around 10:30, Jane called me with some information we needed about Assisted Living facilities nearby that would meet their needs. Good, now I've got stuff to start the search. She also got information about some product, similar to Life Call (I've fallen and I can't get up) that they both are eligible to receive.

At 10:45, the nurse showed up and took vitals, asked mom in law a few questions, and she was on her way-15 minutes tops. As the next visit window was between 12 and 1, I figured I'd stick around for a while. Ed was doing yard work, and he should have some sort of break from this crap on his day off, KWIM?

The tough part. I want to look up these places Jane names, but with mom looking over my shoulder, that is not possible. Back to twiddling back and forth on a few other things.

Noon comes up, 12:30, 1:00. At 1:15, the physical therapist calls to verify the visit-her paperwork said between 2 and 3pm. Great, I could have gone home. At 1:45, mom in law complains that she is tired and wants to lay down. As soon as she does, she calls me to give her a pain pill 'to help me sleep.' I should have asked questions.

Promptly at 2, she knocks on the door. She goes in to mom in law, who complains of a lot of pain-so the appointment is rescheduled for tomorrow. I feel bad-his mom never told me she was in pain-I could have called to cancel that appointment.

Now I know.

I also know that I'm better off letting each of these caregivers know to call me when they're on their way, so I don't sit there half the day...


Completely understand whee you're coming from - went through this with my MIL and my grandmom who lived to be 101.

Thanks for visiting my Retro series & for identifying Mohegan Bluffs! Isn't Block Island beautiful!

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