The Living Peter Pan

Several years ago, while managing a shift at my local Disney Store, in walked this dude
and we wondered about the man. Why would a man in his 40's walk around in full Peter Pan regalia, unless he was out of touch with reality? In the time I worked at the store, I encountered him about a dozen times, and none of us in the store ever heard him speak the entire time.

Chalked up to weirdness, I never forgot the guy. A few years later, Ed was watching Martin Sargeant's Unscrewed on G4 and called me in to take a look at Peter Pan. "He lives somewhere in the Tampa area, I've seen him!". We now had a name (Randy) and a little more of his story. He frequented a lot of the glam rock nightclubs in NYC in the 70's. His love of that never died, thus the look.

Thanks to Martin's podcast, I found out that Randy has a website, where he is proud to show his love of all things Peter Pan and dressing as his heart desires, rather than what fashion dictates.

I'd mentioned him to a friend the other day and realized that what I'd taken for granted, many have not seen. So, take a look at the real Peter Pan and give him kudos for following the beat of his own drum.


wow, I don't know whether to laugh or applaud.

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