Welcome to the Nightmare

We thought Ed's mom would be released to a rehabilitation facility, where the social worker would assist us in getting her to understand she is not able to live independently.

We thought we'd get some time to visit the various assisted living facilities in the area to find one that is a good fit, possibly one that could meet her's and Jane's needs.

My phone rang at 4:15 today. It was a hospital social worker, telling me that her insurance was rejecting the rehabilitation stay and that she was being discharged-TODAY.

When I said she was going to be released to an empty house, his snide tone was "Can't she come and live in YOUR house?" One, she would refuse and two, I am NOT going to have her berate my son in the manner she did my nephew. It's bad enough Mike went through that.

In asking why they'd release someone with dementia issues, the guy had the audacity to say to me "Well, you shouldn't have picked such a crappy HMO." WTF? I was stunned, but you'd better believe the hospital is getting a call or visit about his tone with me.

It was so late in the day, I was in Tampa buying college text books, so I had no access to her HMO card. A phone call to Jill to postpone plans and she suggested the hospital patient advocate. Alas, when I called the hospital back, the advocate was gone for the day.

Then, a call to his mom's nurse. She's getting a home health aide, but they only come for a couple of hours. Tomorrow, I need to call the company that's supposed to be doing an evaluation and make sure either Ed or I are present to get information.

It was clear in the two hours we sat with her awaiting discharge at the hospital tonight that some stuff is seriously wrong. She puts up a decent front, but if you know her, it is crystal clear that she's not firing on all eight cylinders.

Crapity crap crap.

It's going to be interesting, that's for sure.

So much for backing off from anything to do with Mom or Jane. There is NO way Ed can do it all...


Tammy said…
Some people are just *A***. Sorry, but that makes me really mad. They are supposed to be helping you, not saying you picked a crappy HMO. The problem with hospitals is that they are catering to the treat and turf theory instead of treat and care for. Then you have people in there that are just working for the pay check and ignore the fact that they are affecting the lives of people.

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