There is Nothing Better Than

Using one of your own recipes for a marinade on fried wings and it turning out awesome.

I created a Sweet Chili Marinade a couple of months ago and it's quickly become a go to for chicken and pork and possibly shrimp(haven't tried it on shrimp yet). Tonight, I had plans on Buffalo wings. They've been calling to me.

Now, I've been fortunate to have them at the home of the wings, the Anchor Bar. Let's be honest, when you visit Buffalo during a blizzard, you need something to warm you up, and their wings definitely do that!

Where we disagree is the hot sauce used. They like Frank's, I don't think it has enough flavor, so I use Cholula. Over time, though, having interesting blends elsewhere has relaxed my purist ways.

As a result, tonight, I figured, why not use my sweet chili marinade? Those of you who are on my Facebook page, look in the notes for it. I added a bunch of hot sauce, but the sauce is still pretty sweet. It ended up being a big hit with all the menfolk.

So, my advice to you. If you've got a marinade that you enjoy making/using, how about tossing some fried wings in it next time. You never know what taste sensation you'll end up with!


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