My Stupid Leg (Trademark Pending), The Update

Yes, it has been a while since I've talked about My Stupid Leg (Trademark Pending). Unfortunately, silence doesn't mean improvement. Rather, it means I'm resigned to my issues.

However, it appears there's another issue emerging and I figured I should probably give a visual aid to explain.

I'd mentioned some pain in the arch of my foot, and based on the timing of the pain, it appeared that walking the 1.5 mile parade route on July 4th triggered it. At the same time, a purple line showed up on the top of the foot, directly above where it hurt. It almost reminded me of when I'd broken toes, the telltale line to indicate a break. All I'd done was walk, though, so I assumed that I must have stepped on a rock and not realized it. The foot is extremely sensitive, so that was unlikely.

It hurt for a week, I worried about how bad it might hurt while we were in Virginia. The purple lightened, and it felt better. Maybe half the pain I'd had in the previous week.

Then, I walked the gravel at Game Teen's camp and the pain and the purple were back. A tender spot just below the ball of my foot, in the tissue of the arch (noted as the "Insult to Injury Site"). A week of hobbling around a little more than normal and again, the pain was forgotten.

Now it's back, purple mark, pain and all. I haven't done anything unusual and I've been vigilant about the surfaces I walk on. What the heck is it? There are no lumps and pain on examination and two purple marks (indicated as "suspected injury (but it's not)").

As you can see, the pain found one of the few places on my lower leg that didn't already have issues!

It was time for a visual aide, though. For your consideration
*Itches like a MoFo-Pruritis is worst on the front and inner calf, but the nerve endings are hypersensitive to touch. I have to tread carefully.
*Cankle, Anyone?-You don't see it from this angle, and you need my slender ankle for a comparison, but there is no definition in this merging of the foot and leg.
*Site of Bad Valve-Put it this way-if your toilet clogs, the water has to go somewhere. Sometimes, it means you have to replace gaskets in the crapper, right? When you have a DVT, the blood has to go somewhere! If you're me, it means that a valve doesn't seal anymore because the blood wouldn't let it for almost a year.
*Vern Troyer's machete went here-I used to have frequent, stabbing pains day and night. I likened it to Vern Troyer pulling a Psycho shower scene on my lower leg. Thankfully, Vern and his machete are no longer daily visitors, but they do pop in uninvited from time to time.
*Looks lovely, doesn't it?=This is the site of the two venous stasis ulcers. It took 11 months to close them up and almost 2 years more to look like this. This is as good as it will get.
*Plantar Faciitis Heel-AKA "flamingo leg syndrome". For a long time, the PF caused the RSD flares to be horrible, and the RSD made the PF bad. Now that I'm out of the retail environment, the pain is manageable.
*Stuck in an electric socket permanently.-Exactly what it sounds like. The top of the foot and the front half of my leg to about 2 inches below my knee feel like there's a constant 110 current going on. Too bad I can't make that operate all my home electrics.

That's the tour of my leg. I think we can skip the road map to my wrist scars, because the wrists have chosen to behave.

Maybe someday the leg will. Somehow, I doubt it. Especially since I've been a good girl and keep off it the majority of the day and STILL I manage to have something go wrong...


H.E.Eigler said…
Owwwwwww! That looks so painful! I hope it feels better soon :)

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