Gearing Up For Back To School

Not for the kids, for me!

I've been awaiting the Book Authorization Advance to appear. The BAAP, as it is called, is an amount of my financial aid that is advanced to the bookstore for me to purchase textbooks and supplies. Late last week, I called over to Tampa to find out the expected date for it to be available.

Monday, was the answer. Sweet. See, my campus does not have a real bookstore and we're limited in what we can get on campus. I'd rather drive over to Tampa and get my hands on things (and perhaps get some cheaper used textbooks) before the semester starts. So, I've been looking all week long, checking the Blackboard to see if the BAAP has been allocated.

It hasn't. This morning I noticed that Blackboard, the system the school uses for grading, class discussion, announcements and everything college related, was showing something new. My course load had been empty for three weeks, since completing my last class. Now, it shows my classes for both the summer and fall semesters.

At first, I didn't pay attention to what was listed. Tonight, I decided to see if the teachers had put information up in their folders. Yes, I am the geeky student-shoot me. It's good to get a head start on the game plan for the semester. Then I realized that one class was missing.

Hmmm. Did the class get canceled? Maybe they just haven't announced it yet.

There are a few tools at a student's disposal, so I went over to OASIS (Online Access Student Information System) and first checked my active registrations. Yes, still enrolled in the class, but that doesn't mean anything. The class that was canceled in the summer session still showed up in my active registration until my advisor went in and manually removed it a few days after it was canceled.

Next, over to the online course catalog. I type in the course number-and come up blank. Then I try entering just the department and again come up with nothing. It's a sociology course, but the designator is allocated to only five courses. Does this mean there are no courses in that Sociology subset at all this semester? They are upper level courses. It is a possibility, but unlikely. I only went into the course catalog to view how many students were registered in the class. (the summer class that was canceled? Only 6 of us wanted to learn about China Today.)

In being proactive, I've emailed both technical computing and my advisor to determine if it glitch or cancellation.

I'm chalking it up to a glitch. Just in case, though, I may register for another class that fulfills that or another degree requirement.

The last time I did that, I ended up in a class I loved.

Cross your fingers.


DoeWDW said…
I guess we're kindred geek spirits, because I would've done all that too. I love school! :D Fingers crossed that you find an amazing class!
- Doreen in PA

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