The Promise of Dinner

Yes, it's What's for Dinner Wednesday, and you'll get pictures of the completed product later. In the meantime, the preparations are in the fridge, proofing.

It's funny, the year plus of doing WFDW has challenged me. I don't like to repeat, so that's kept to a minimum. Yes, it happens, but I think in 60 weeks, there have been maybe a half dozen repeats. Not too shabby.

Tonight's dinner was inspired by a 5 lb chub of ground beef. I was going to make swedish meatballs, but it's a pain using that much beef-it'd be two batches of an already time consuming recipe. The deal breaker was that they've been in WFDW before.

So, we've got dough (pictured above) and we've got ground beef. Any ideas of what lies ahead? Those of you on Facebook, you can't play!


OK, so I'm not allowed to answer....but can i come over when dinner's ready?

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