No More Capuchins

Remember how I sweated writing a paper last semester? I walked around with a monkey on my back, procrastinating until the day the thing was due. Then, once I started working on it, the monkey was determined to be a nice, cute, itty bitty capuchin.

With two classes under my belt, I don't even consider these writing assignments a monkey of small stature. Instead, they're more like short, regular or long blog posts. 150 words, like the discussion paper I'm about to put up? Short post. 200-300 word written assignment? Okay, maybe a regular blog post, but still short. The 2,000 word paper? A two part long post. Then of course, there is the blog post assignment.

Yep. You read that right.

I have to write a BLOG POST every week for one of my classes.

This was announced, but the feature was not yet activated in Blackboard. I'm sure I was the only student champing at the bit, all ready with my impressions but no place to put them! As soon as that button showed up last night, I wrote easily 500 words.

I will get graded for blogging, 15% of the grade, to be exact. As I'm hearing this, I had to restrain myself from giggling like a nut, because this is one part of the class that I can do standing on my head. There is the possibility that I'll leave class some weeks, sit down right there on campus, and write my impressions ASAP. Talk about jumping right into the homework.

Pretty darn cool, don't you think?


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