What's For Dinner Wednesday

Or, why does my camera let me take pictures without a #$%@#$$% SD card in it?

I am back to cooking meals for two households. There was a misunderstanding before that Ed and I had ample income to buy food for seven-it's been remedied. Most nights, it's not really any extra effort.

Tonight, the quantity of ground beef in the freezer dictated that we would use it. The plan? Meatloaf. That is, until Ed told me his mom HATES it, despite her making it all the time. Then, Chef Jr informs me that he hates it, too. There's more than one way to prepare it. I asked Chef if he'd like Gyro loaf and his two thumbs up told me everything I needed to know. (I asked Ed's mom what she'd like with the ground beef. Burgers.)

Ed's plate, which is unsullied with the peas I enjoyed with mine.



ligirl said…
Peas sully everything.

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