What's For Dinner Wednesday

Like many working folks, our crockpot gets a workout on a regular basis. Nothing beats coming home and finding dinner ready to eat-except for a trip to a restaurant where someone else is going to do the dishes, too. With a return to work later this week, it's time to crank out some of the meals that have minimum fuss but maximum flavor.

My plan of attack with any crockpot meal is to get at least two meals out of it. If I'm lucky, I can get three or four. Like tonight's.

Anyone who knows us can tell you we LOVE Tex-Mex. I got so excited to hear that our favorite local chain, Tijuana Flats, is opening in Lakeland soon. Of course, I heard this and started thinking of all the things on their menu that I enjoy-tacos, enchiladas, and flautas.

The meal ideas swirling in my head, I made a batch of Tex Mex shredded Chicken. This is one of my own concoctions that is a base for many different meals in that genre. Tonight, it made Enchiladas:

They were tricky little suckers! As far as I'm concerned, they HAVE to be made with corn tortillas. Problem is, you have to handle them with care-I didn't. We had some that were broken heading into the oven, which you can see above.

However, once you add a lot of sauce and cheese, then bake for a half hour, it really doesn't matter.

Then, it becomes a huge mess on the plate. That's okay, because some of the tastiest meals are the messy ones.

Now I'm wondering if the leftovers are making more enchiladas or a big batch of flautas...

(Oh, and you'll want to head over to MomDot for the recipe tomorrow if you're in the mood for Tex Mex, too!)


Grandy said…
OH MAN!! How do you prepare your chicken? I find that whenever I'm making chicken enchiladas (or even enchilada casserole) my chicken dries out.

Can you help me?
Staci said…
My hubby would love that!
Laurie said…
Girl you make me hungry every Thurday lol. I have cooked a few of your recipes, I love them. Just wish someone would cook for me once in awhile!
Gena said…
Oh those look YUMMY!!!
Suzanne said…
Grandy, the recipe is over at MomDot

Laurie, my goal it to make everyone hungry, lol!

Staci, it's easy to make, so go ahead!

Gena, they were (burp!)See the link above for the recipe!

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