If You Love Movies

Check out your local Circuit City right now. On Friday, I spent 20 minutes perusing all the titles with Chef Jr and for 30 bucks, walked out with:
*Avatar, Book 3, volume 3 (the kids love this show) #4.00
*Franco Zefferelli's Romeo and Juliet (I finally can watch whenever I want) $2.80
*Blazing Saddles (forgot we owned it, but I'm passing it on to someone who appreciates it) $4.00
*Godspell (always wanted to see it, love the music, but no "We Beseech Thee) $4.00
*DieHard (I thought I had this on DVD, fixed that situation!) $4.00
*Caddyshack (My copy got left behind at Hospice House, and I figured they needed it more) $4.00
*Bridge to Terabithia (Chef Jr wanted it) $6.00
Except for Avatar, none of them had booklets inside, but I'm okay with that for the price.

Yes, the selection is picked over and there may not be anything good, but I thought it was worth looking. There was more I would have picked up, like lots of TV series full season DVDs, but I don't really watch any of the popular shows and don't know what others could use.

Oh, and if there are more than twenty copies of your movie still in the racks at a 60% off sale? Your movie stunk. There was the Sex and the City Movie, Blades of Glory, The Love Doctor, Meet Dave, Shark and Vanilla Sky. Earth to Tom Cruise-there were a lot of your movies still lingering in the bin.

In other news, Best Buy offers a price guarantee. If they sell it for less within 14 days of purchase, they'll give you a price adjustment. The laptop that Office Depot was going to sell me for 549.99, but offered a $50 mail in rebate was in Sunday advertisement at $499.

Yet again, I had a great experience with Best Buy. I walked into our local store, told the CSR that my laptop was now on sale and within a minute, I had $32.10 in hand and a cheerful "Here you go!" So I ultimately got the under $500 laptop I wanted, and learned to stick with Best Buy.


Shannon said…
Oh great deal. I didn't realize they did that at Best Buy. Thanks for the tip! Happy Tuesday.
Bob said…
Best Buy!
That is awesome about the price guarantee!

Oh and you had me CRACKING UP over the Tom Cruise comment. I never got the appeal with him...

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