Fun with the Webcam

This afternoon found Chef Jr and I out on the lanai, working on his science project. Lucky him, for we now have two methods with which to record his efforts on that front that he can review to write up his report that accompanies his project. (the Flip Ultra should market this product to the parents of kids with ADHD.)

Anyway, one of the methods employed was the web cam. After we'd finished recording the material we needed for the day, Chef and I had some fun and as soon as Gameboy got home, he joined in. So, enjoy some pictures of the SuzanneSez family as we sport our Irish by wearing green and/or shamrocks.**
I really think Chef is the spitting image of Ed when I look at pictures from when he was a kid, but looking at this, he's got a lot of my DNA, too.
The ham in him cannot resist something recording his performances, especially since he can see what's going on! Exhibit A.
Exhibit B, as if we needed more proof of what he's doing. This so needs to be my avatar somewhere!
Cracking me up, which is his goal in life. (and the display of the single, very cute dimple)
No, we don't joke around here!
Chef Jr is trying to give me rabbit ears, and Gameboy does NOT like that idea, hence the fighting hands behind me.
Awwww, I finally get a picture of the three of us. Pay no attention to the attempted rabbit ears behind me-that's what photoshop is for.
There is NEVER a dull moment around these parts when the boys are in the picture.

As for the St. Patrick's Day festivities, we'll put them on hold. Tomorrow's meal will be the traditional fare, because I won't be running to scouts and Ed will be home for dinner. Hope you all are enjoying your green beer, colcannon or other traditional St Patty's day meal.


Shannon said…
Awesome photos... You have adorable kids. Love your St. Paddy's shirt. You always such wonderful posts.
Gypsydoodlebug said…
The last one is so emo Myspace. Priceless!
What a great series! It looks like you three have a lot of fun together!
Jientje said…
How fun!!!
The Petersons said…
Cute pictures!
Laurie said…
Such fun pictures I love them!
tara said…
awwww, I loved the photos! Looks like a lot of fun!

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