Rita's FREE Ice For the First Day of Spring!

When we lived in Frederick, early March meant Rita's. Two years running, I was the SECOND customer in line when they opened for business on March 12th or 13th (First person got a prize pack). Then, each year, on the first day of spring, we'd load up the car and head over for our free ices.

One of the things we bummed about when we moved here is that there isn't a nearby Rita's. In fact, I think I went gaga when we were in Clearwater last fall, because we were able to get Rita's on the way home from the beach.

A couple of months ago, we got one locally. So, Ed and I resumed the tradition today. If you've got one near you, enjoy one on Rita's, the ices are free and the Gelati's are a buck. Sweet!


Cat@3KidsandUs said…
Oh that is soooo wrong. You can't vlog ice cream and not share it! Those looked so good.
Cascia said…
You have a great blog here! Nice to meet you. Found you at the Ultimate Blog Party.
Ralph's Italian Ices are the big thing on Long Island these days, but Rita's recently opened up a few locations. But I think I prefer Carvel's, they're open all year round.
Staci said…
I'm totally drooling! I love Rita's. Now, I have to go this week!

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