A New Chapter Begins

I started the new job today. On no sleep. Thanks to yesterday's headache, my sleep cycle was out of whack. You're wondering when I got tired? 4:45. When did I need to be up? 7am. At that point, I decided that sleep would be bad and I visited some of the other participants of the blog party.

The day was chock a block with paperwork and being read to from a manual the size of the Tampa Yellow Pages. It could have been boring, but the trainer had a very dry wit. Unfortunately, there was a lot of down time and reading ahead in the training manuals. We were all fingerprinted, a very time consuming process. I was caught up on the assigned reading and even way ahead and we still had over an hour and a half of waiting, so I read my Educational Psychology text.

Monday is when we get into the nuts and bolts. Finally.

And with that, I am going to bed. Finally.


Mike Golch said…
I hope that you have a great day on Monday!
Jientje said…
I hope you sleep well, and that you like the new job eventually! Boring days are long days!
Lisa said…
Oh Congrats on the new day ! And I totally know what it is like to have a messy sleeping pattern! I hope you are ready and refreshed on monday !
Staci said…
I hope you get back on a schedule. It always gets better after a few days.

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