There's a First Time For Everything

Two firsts in one:
1. I went to the drive in for the very first time last night.
2. The picture has notes on it!

Yes, we went to the drive in Saturday night. We borrowed a van and loaded up our two and Chef Jr's best friend in the back seat to go see "Race To Witch Mountain." It was a double feature, but let's be honest, does "Confessions of a Shopaholic" sound like a good follow up to the movie we chose? We didn't think so, either.

We arrived early and Ed parked us right behind the projection building and in front of the snack bar. Once situated, we grabbed some dinner-pizza for the kids, a corn dog for me and a sausage dog for Ed, some popcorn and drinks. It reminded me of years ago trips to the roller and ice rinks with what snacks were available. Just before show time, we grabbed another drink and the best movie candy ever, Raisinettes.

I have to say that Race to Witch Mountain was a good follow up to Escape and Return. It was suspenseful and good characterizations and had us on the edge of our seats at a few points. Even better, the original stars, Kim Richards and Iake Eissenmann had roles in this one.

It was rather pleasant to see a movie in this manner, and trust me-we will go back.

Maybe even as soon as this Friday night.

BTW, if you're not sure if there is a drive in nearby, check out this website to find out.


Eli's Lids said…
LOL! I can't stand talking on the phone either. People are always thrown off when they ask for my # and I give them my email. LOL!
sounds like you had a good time at the movies. I never got to take my kidlets to a drive in.
tara said…
that's awesome! I've always wanted to go to a drive in.
Hey, I awarded you on my blog, go check it out!
Suzanne said…
SB, you need to give me a heads up the next time you're down here. I am kidnapping you from the kidlets and taking you to one!

Tara, thank you, I'm off to check it out.

Eli's Lids-welcome! I don't hate the phone, I just don't get to talk to everyone!
Staci said…
I'm so jealous! Our drive-in doesn't open for awhile yet. It's still so chilly. Once it does, we have the little one there every time there's a kid-friendly movie on. It's such a huge production to get blankets and pillows and snacks ready to go. You'd think we were going to be gone for a week!
Laurie said…
I so miss going to the drive in movies. Used to do it as a kid all the time, and they had a playground, and we would load up with snacks. So much fun, wonder if I have a drive in here?
Jill said…
Oh, I miss Drive-Ins! (does that give away my age LOL)

In fact, we haven't been to a theatre in general since Thanksgiving!

Sounds like Fun was had by all plus Yummy snacks!
Suzanne said…
Staci, I guess because my kids are older, we didnt' do the blanket and pillow thing. We did see a family place the kiddos on the roof of the minivan-I had visions of them falling off!

Laurie, I'm going to add a link to the post with a website that you can check to see where the drive ins are.

Jill, last movie I saw in the theatres was Indiana Jones at the cheapie movie theatre in I think October. That one has tables and waitress service.

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