What's For Dinner Wednesday

Lately, Gameboy has been on a new menu item kick for Meatball Subs. Considering how picky he is to begin with, I indulged him last week and watched him devour a Quiznos sandwich in short order. He's been asking for more ever since.

As I'm not a big fan of paying top dollar for stuff I think I can make better at home, it was time to put the marinara sauce I made last week to use. Once again, a basic in my repertoire has not made it into the WFDW archives. Kills two birds with one stone, even.

Then I decided that this would be a good recipe to feature in Tasty Thursdays over at MomDot. THREE birds with one stone, so if you like what you see, look for the recipe at MomDot tomorrow.

First, make the batch of meatballs. I'd mentioned to Joyce yesterday that I was making meatball subs and she asked what I do to keep them moist. That's easy-buy the fattiest percentage of ground beef your supermarket sells. Burgers, meatloaf and meatballs need some fat to keep them juicy.
Oven ready.
Outta that pan and into mah belleh (or roll, take your pick)
Pre toasting.

Ready to eat.

Ironically enough, Gameboy at the cheese off of his and left the rest. Oh well-more for us.


Jess said…
Oh MAH GOD I'll be making those SOON.

Grandy said…
Please don't show my boys those. They will want them, as I do now, and I don't think I could make them as yummy as yours look.
Yum, that looks so good! I have a love/hate relationship when it comes to food blogs... I love coming and seeing new recipes to try out but hate feeling hungry looking at them.;)
Anonymous said…
Wonderful, now I know what to cook for dinner tonight!!!!! We used to have these all the time back in the olden days when we could eat out. Never thought of making them myself.
KansasA said…
Oh those look absolutely FABULOUS!
Anonymous said…
These look worth the drive to your house...give me a days notice next time you make these, they look yummy!

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