Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

All through the week, I had topics for SSS, but when I got to Sunday, I couldn't remember a single one! (I've since remembered and it parallels this one, so it'll be next week's topic.)

Paul Simon to the rescue. Sunday nights, Ed can usually find a Rockumentary or some musical programming in the evenings. Tonight's viewing included The Who, and then Paul Simon performing "Diamonds On The Soles of Her Shoes" with Ladysmith Black Mombazo. Offhand, Ed asks me if Paul is still married to Edie Brickell. I replied yes and that they've got a few kids, too.

Sure enough, Wiki tells that they've got three kids, but also adds that Edie performs music with Paul's son, Harper Simon. The lyric in "Graceland", 'my traveling companion is nine years old, he's the child of my first marriage' is about Harper.

Wiki then states that Harper, in addition to forming The Heavy Circles, with his step mom Edie, has performed with a few children of musicians you might know, most notably Sean Lennon.

Off to YouTube. The only videos I could find have Harper performing with Sean Lennon. Sean definitely has the Lennon awesome music composition gene, but as Ed put it "it's been put through an Ono filter", so if you listen, enjoy the music but try to tune out the lyrics and tone down the vocals!

Not easily dissuaded when I can't find anything on YouTube for Harper or the Heavy Circles, I click the link in the Wiki entry and go to their page. The song on the page, "Confused" is different from anything you've heard Edie do before and is a gem with multiple layers and great composition. I really like it.

Exploring the site nets me what I'm looking for, Harper's MySpace page. Once again, the musical DNA has obviously taken hold of the offspring of a musical icon.

It's very cool how a random stop on a channel surfing expedition sends me finding the next generation and the fine music they're composing. It's like listening to their dads and going down a different road, and finding an equally enjoyable trip.


Shannon said…
It's amazing all we can learn about a person by what kind of music they like! Fun read.
We are big fans of Paul Simon and Edie Brickell. That is cool to know that was actually about his son in the song...I didn't know that.

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