Odds and Ends

It's been a busy couple of days.

The upshot of yesterday's psychiatrist appointment is that Gameboy is NOT Bipolar, but we can't really rule it out. We saw our doctor's supervisor since she was out sick. The thought is that he's having some hormonal changes that are making his current doses wonky (gee, wasn't I worrying about this last year?) and we debated increasing his Abilify or Fluvoximine.

I went with the Abilify, because it generally has quicker results. Additionally, Gameboy has been on the other medication since he was five-I suspect we'll get less results out of it. We should see results in a week, at most two. If this doesn't work, we increase the Fluvoximine instead.

Too bad I had to send him to school today. His main teacher called me at 11:30 to come get him-while I was a half hour away. Um, No, I am NOT rewarding him for running out of the classroom. He isn't screaming and disrupting dozens of students. (It sometimes feel like they're the same way that Gameboy is-do something once and then it is expected EVERY time!)

At least it feels like we've got an action plan in place if the medication doesn't work.

To celebrate the new job, we went out to eat last night (Woohoo! We hardly ever do that anymore!) A few weeks ago, I'd gone to Office Depot and had Chef Jr with me. He spied a sushi buffet and I promised him that when I had a job, we'd check it out. Last week, as we were passing by, I mentioned it to Ed. He remembered and suggested we go last night.

Oh my gosh, was it ever good! Mt. Fuji had the sushi buffet, a steam table of Chinese buffet, Sashimi and Crab Legs. Ed and Chef ordered the sashimi and crab leg add on for a modest fee, I had 8 pieces of really good sushi and a plate of various favorites for 10 bucks. The hit of the buffet is that they had Mud Bugs.

Chef easily ate a dozen crawfish, pinching and sucking like a pro. He made us laugh with the comment 'double slurpee' as he sucked the juice out of two heads at ones. As it was, he only had one crab leg because the Mud Bugs won out. (fortunately, we didn't get charged extra-no sashimi and one tiny crab leg for him). The sushi is very basic, so if we want elaborate stuff, we'll still go to Shingetsu. However, Mt. Fuji is also a hibachi grill restaurant, and Chef has already asked to do that for his birthday. In July!

For a few months now, I've been doing mystery shops of local restaurants. It's a chance to get a free meal and a few bucks extra. Today's took us for a yummy lunch sans kids. I swear that Chef has radar, because he immediately checked out the fridge when he got home from school and had to sample some of the leftovers.

Beyond that, pulling stuff off the HP has been time consuming. The hard drive only had 1.6 gigs left on it, so when I try to move files to shared to go to another computer on our network to burn a copy (like the 4.17 gigs of pictures in a backup right now), it runs out of room!

My thought was to utilize all the space that Gmail gives and email from one account to the other the MP3s and various music files that aren't in iTunes. Then I'll probably port over the Word Docs and it might free up enough space so that I can actually get the pictures off.

Oh, and a weird email arrived today. I got an auto response telling me that there was a reply to a comment on GerritsenBeach.net. Only I've never been to the website, nor did I know where it was. (it ends up I've passed it driving on the Belt Parkway in NY hundreds of times).

I don't know what spurred user "bagels" to type my email address instead of their own when responding to an article, but whatever. I commented on the site that if anyone wanted to direct comments back to 'bagels', the recipient wouldn't get it and suggested the webmaster compare IPs and block the one the original comment came from. Webmaster sent me an email back later saying the IPs for both comments matched.

I don't see how, considering that I made one visit by using the link in the email, was confused about what the heck I was looking at and went back to the email to figure out which was attributed to me. Then I went back a second time. I don't know if that's why the webmaster is saying the IPs match, when 'bagels' comment was made the day before.

Still kind of weird. If you've got any ideas about what the heck would cause the IPs to match when I have a static IP and neither Ed nor I have had a reason to check this site, I'm all ears. Its hard to keep up on Lakeland current issues, let alone some neighborhood I've never set foot in!


I love sushi but hate buffets. I am so happy for you that you got a job! That's awesome.
Sushi scares me, but it sounds like you had a nice time!
Suzanne said…
Kim, the thing is, I tried it for the first time last year. I love the concept of arranging flavors, especially since there isn't a lot of fish in each.

Robin, this buffet was really nice. The other place I mentioned, Shingetsu, has better sushi and isn't a buffet. It you are over this way, that is the place to eat!

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