A Few Things Soothe the Ouch

I attempted to scratch one item off that list today. Halfway done.

See, I had my Measles Mumps Rubella shot back in 4th or 5th grade. That was a second time getting them, because the doctor that did the first one retired-we had no records for school. NOW, the doctor that did the second one (thirty plus years ago!) retired, so I had to get round three today.

The ouch isn't for the shot, it's for the unexpected hit to my wallet. $59.00! And that's only for part one-I have to have another one in thirty days. I am hoping the new job comes with some health insurance.

Thus far, the financial impact is $95.00. I'm not one to throw away that kind of money, so those of you wondering whether I'll be in classes this summer, you can bet on it!

In good news, I've been on a winning streak of sorts!

I recently helped a fellow blogger, Miranda, celebrate her first blogoversary a couple of weeks ago by breaking in my webcam and won this:

Isn't it cool? Thanks for having the party and for the cool shirt (it is SOOO soft).

Then, I won a Hip T at Stephanie's blog. This has been one of those things I've wanted, because long torso-ed girls have shirts in the drawers that are too short. Yay, now I can pull a few shirts out of retirement.

Then, I wrote a post on my review blog, and as soon as I published it, I saw that there were comments on the last post. Once again, I've won something that I'd wanted~ Tena at Punky Monkeys recently had a beautiful blog redesign done by Sara at Subjective Beauty. Take a look at Sara's portfolio, I'm very excited that she'll be making my home on the net pretty really soon. (And there's a new name coming with the redesign, too, but you'll have to wait to see that!)

Thanks to Miranda, Stefanie and Tena for the great prizes, to ProMom Couture, Hip T and Sara at Subjective Beauty for being generous with the blog gifts!

I'm hoping that my lucky run isn't quite done yet, because I want to win the Keurig Platinum Coffee System that Kim is giving away!


Unknown said…
Jealous- I need a blog makeover. Can't wait to see what the new name is!
Anonymous said…
Cant wait to see your new design. So cool
Joyce-Anne said…
Is it too soon for my blog makeover? lol
Winning things is so much fun - I wish it happened to me more often!
Grandy said…
YAY YOU!! That is a kewl t-shirt indeed!! :)
Unknown said…
Sounds like you're having a lucky streak! (Well, all except for the shots.) Can't wait to see the new design!
Suzanne said…
Janna, I think your blog looks great, but we can all use one, can't we?

Laurie, soon enough. :)

Joyce, nope, never too soon for a makeover. (though it'll be strange to not see pictures on my header, won't it?)

Muthering, it comes in waves for me, as Joyce can attest. I'll probably have a drought for months. (Pssst, I'll be having a contest on my other blog-I'm putting that one up tonight)

Grandy, it is really kewl. The HipT arrived today and that is even cooler!

Staci, I can't wait to see what Sara has in mind.
Sara Elizabeth said…
Things are going your way. You are very welcome. I cannot wait to begin work on your design.

Owner of SubjectiveBeauty.com
Unknown said…
Hey, How have you been? That shirt is really cute huh? Do you still like it? I was wondering if it washed up good or shrinks, I want to get one for me :) A very late congratulations! I'm so glad you loved your prize and I really appreciated you coming to my blog party!

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