Soundtrack Sunday-The Sounds of Camping

We just returned from a weekend of camping at the Sertoma Youth Ranch in Brooksville, Florida.

In addition to our cub scout pack, there were several other groups there and a country/bluegrass music festival. The campgrounds were filled with the sounds of fiddles, bass and banjos. Friday night, the music played until about 1 am, Saturday it was still going when I packed it in about 12:30.

I have a soft spot for bluegrass, ever since my Dad insisted on taking Giggles and I to the Grand Ole Opry in 1982 during our first 'Southern Exposure' vacation to the Knoxville World's Fair. It surprised my dad to hear some rebel yells coming out of me at the fine playing going on up on that stage. We all enjoyed it so much that when we decided to attend the New Orlean's World's Fair in 1984, Dad got tickets again and back to Nashville we went.

This weekend, we heard this song from a few of the groups that would have impromptu jams beside their RVs-ten or twelve people, all playing in perfect synchronization at a rapid fire pace. Good Old Rocky Top!

More about camping later.


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