A Headache Inducing Day

It didn't start off well. One son has a bad habit of blowing off his homework, and despite numerous requests yesterday, he didn't do his spelling word sentencess OR his his graphs for his science project. Of course, at 7am, it's my fault that he doesn't know what these words mean or that he hasn't done the graphs.

The ensuing argument and crying (him) or yelling (me, because I feel that ignoring me is disrespectful), I was left with a migraine headache. It's the last day of unemployment, so I had a list of things to do, hair to color and a meeting to attend. Instead, I needed sleep.

I woke up a half hour before I needed to be at the school. Scrambling to get ready, I got to the school right at the appointed time. This meeting was a follow up to last week's pow wow. I need to detail it for Aspergersville, but last week, we had eight people around the table that all agreed that Gameboy's placement is not working.

In the interim, he was suspended yesterday and had some issues today. Today's meeting was to put in place a new Behavior Intervention Plan, rather, to put in writing what has been happening all along. If all goes well, by the time his birthday rolls around, he'll be in a more suitable environment.

At least the school understands that I can't come and collect my child when he's being a handful. In a few weeks, it may be a thing of the past. The new placement is in a school that deals with kids with mental issues and has 50 students total, instead of the 1,000 plus that he deals with now.

To be honest, the return to the workforce has been met with some trepidation. I know I can do the job, but I worry that the school will STILL call me. Worse, I fear that when they can't reach me, they'll call Ed-and his employer does not tolerate departing work to get a disruptive child from school.

So, the last day of a life of leisure (ha) didn't quite end up the way I wanted it to be. However, it was completely typical.

At least one headache will be going away...


Staci said…
Hope everything goes well. The change at school sounds like it will be a huge help when it goes through.

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