The ToDo List is Piling Up

With the college acceptance, there's a checklist of things I need to do-and only a few days before I return to work! Let's see:
1. Get new immunizations, since the doctor that did all mine retired when I still lived on LI-I've got no proof of shots!
2. Fill out all the admissions paperwork.
3. Get my HS transcript and other college's transcripts sent to USF to get all my classes credited.
4. See if I can take that Stats class online from my old college/find out if the FAFSA funds will cover me attending both schools this summer. (I really think that based on what FAFSA paperwork I got, I'll take the Stats class and then two classes here at USF)
5. Schedule my orientation (weird to be the one GETTING the orientation)
6. Take some test to prove I know how to learn.
7. Register for classes.

Should be interesting!


Jientje said…
So much to do and only so many hours in a day huh? Tell me something!
Saffa Chick said…
Why do you have to take shots? That just adds insult to injury ;-)
Unknown said…
Can I just say how much I miss college? To do lists, tests, and all.
Suzanne said…
Jientje, when someone comes up with a 26 hour day, let me know!

Saffa, I have to prove I can't get (and thus infect) the school with those three diseases.

Staci, that means i can call you when I'm stressing over tests, right?

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