Sertoma Youth Ranch Camping

This past week's pack camping trip was to Sertoma Youth Ranch in Dade City, Florida. It was a nice, relaxing weekend-one where I only left the group campsite to visit the restrooms (A+ on those, btw)

The drive up US Highway 98. I was hoping the Jacob's Ladders would show up and it appears they did come out in digital form.
The entrance to the ranch. On the left, a horse retirement farm and to the right, the next county. Literally. We camped about 50 feet into Hernando County.

Friday the 13th night sky

The next morning, same field.

The requisite picture of our campsite

The requisite picture of the SuzanneSez family official camping breakfast.

Chef Jr making his paper boat for the Rain Gutter Regatta

The boats drying after a coat of acryllic.

Legend states that after you race the boats in a Rain Gutter Regatta, you are supposed to eat a HUGE sundae from it. Chef was the almost the last man standing.

Dinner that night was pouch meals.

My pouch after cooking.

The contents of my pouch. Next time, I'll do hot dogs-steamed hamburger, even with italian dressing, is bleh.

Saturday night, the kids were treated to movies and popcorn. Alvin and the Chipmunks and ET were the double feature.

Yes, you did see the Beetle. Ed had requested the weekend off, but someone else was on vacation. It was just me and the boys. The car wasn't packed as full as last time, even though I brought the same amount of stuff!

The field pictured had cows grazing, and they came over to the fence and were quite vocal at one point-guess they're used to people feeding them.

I enjoyed relaxing with another mom the majority of the time. Her two boys are very much like my two, so neither of us have to make apologies for having spirited children! Her boys are fascinated with our huge tent, and Friday night found one falling asleep in mine with Gameboy! We had an extra air mattress and blanket, he could have stayed.

Chef's boat fell apart after his first race, but he was fine with that. He knew there would be ice cream in his future-in fact, it ended up being lunch! That's because we'd been told there would be vendors there for the Florida Old Time Country Music championships. I decided that I'd get lunch from them. However, the batteries in my air pump decided to die Friday night, so I spent money earmarked for lunch on batteries.

The regatta and sundae following it kept getting pushed back, preventing me from hopping into town really quick with the boys. When I asked if they wanted the ice cream for lunch, both were quick to say "YES!". Thus, no trip into town and a decadent sundae as the mid afternoon meal.

Saturday night, movies were broadcast on a blue tarp and one of the leaders made loads of popcorn on a camp stove. It was a HUGE hit, and I suspect the boys will be asking for that again and again.

The campsite was extremely nice-wooded, with great shower and restroom facilities. They've got a playground and a few pavilions. I think this was a location that I'd love to visit again for family camping, the four of us and another family or two.

Next month brings a campsite even closer to home for us. Close enough that if Ed doesn't get the day off, I may head over and set up the tent early in the day, then bring the boys and the rest of the gear later.


tara said…
That looks like a blast Suzanne! We love camping, but didn't go at all last year as I had just had a baby. We're going a big camping trip with about 20 or so family member in Illinois this summer.

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