Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

Last week, Ed and I were dining at lunch time in a restaurant chain and grooving on the music. You know, the kind of songs that you want to sing along and can't resist doing so? In this case, "Suite Judy Blue Eyes" by CSNY initiated it, each of us taking a different harmony part, as is typical.

It brought me back to being a kid and hearing several albums and 8 tracks my older siblings had over and over. CSNY's "Deja Vu", Pink Floyd's "Ummagumma" and a lot of the big name groups of the late 60's and early '70s were in constant play in my house every night.

Ed is also a huge fan of that era's music, so I had always assumed he was hearing what his sisters were playing. Nope, it was his own purchases-one sister was into Paul Revere and the Raiders and the Monkees and the other was into Johnny Maestro and the Brooklyn Bridge and the Vanilla Fudge. If he was hearing classic rock, it was stuff he'd purchased at the record store after he and his dad visited the barber.

So I wonder what influence we're having on our kids. Chef Jr. sings and drums along with things like "Ventura Highway" and he's already picking out harmony lines like a champ. Even Gameboy gets into things other than video game music, humming along with the music of Rush's "Camera Eye" and singing where there are lyrics. (and no, this time he's got them-unlike his efforts with October Project years ago!)

Unless its at his Chef's friends houses or for either one of them at school, they aren't hearing today's music. Their iPods are stacked with a lot of stuff their peers have probably never heard.

While we were sitting in that restaurant, I was commenting to Ed that hey, perhaps this chain is still seeking an older clientele than us. He disagrees, that the music of the era is timeless. However, when I think about it, restaurants playing music to appeal to a certain demographic are going to find two patrons who aren't waxing nostalgic when they're playing it someday. They'll be looking for the stuff mom and dad played...


LOL Suzanne, you're singing my song. Jen is purely into contemporary music, doesn't like classics except when we're talking about Broadway musicals, but Becca can give you chapter and verse about most classic rock bands of the 70's and 80's. when Green Day's "American Idiot" was popular Becca said "How can people say they like Green Day when they only know a few songs from one album?" and then she'd tell me about a Green Day song on an album recorded when she was a baby...and no, I wasn't a Green Day fan back then...
My husband has my son interested in Grateful Dead among other things, and he keeps asking me to copy my Olivia Newton-John music on his MP3 player.

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