What's For Dinner Wednesday, Now with Vlog!

Around here, Wednesday isn't Prince Spaghetti day. No, for a while when our fortunes were better and we lived near Cody's Roadhouse, Wednesday night was FAJITA night!!!!

They had two for one Fajitas every Wednesday. The whole family could have dinner and drinks and walk out the door spending 25 bucks (and that's with a good tip, too). If we hadn't prepared dinner, Ed or I would ask "Fajita night?"

And so, when I woke up this morning, this lovely meal popped into my brain. Sweetbay must have known I didn't have anything defrosted, too, because boneless chicken was on sale. We're in like flint.

Since we construct these individually, the kids love having them. To me, the best part is that there's plenty for us to have another meal of it.

Woohoo, it worked! Here's my first What's For Dinner Wednesday Vlog!


Jientje said…
Yes, it does look delicious!
Anonymous said…
Sounds yummy!
That was great! Looks yummy!
Tena said…
man your meals kick butt!!
Shannon said…
You are great. I tried to watch Vlog but it stops after 3 secs for me. Bummer.

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