Tide Loads of Hope

Have you ever wondered what would happen to you if a disaster struck your area? Fire, flood, earthquake, tornado or hurricane would not only wipe out your resources, but those of your neighbors, friends and family.

What about food, clothes or shelter? Electricity to keep food fresh or to clean clothes?

Tide has thought about this and created Tide Loads of Hope. They've partnered with Feeding America, and they travel to communities affected by disasters. Tide offers free mobile laundering services to those who need it, via their trucks and vans. The trucks have 32 high capacity washers and dryers, and the vans partner with local laundromats to do 300 loads of laundry a day (the same as most of us do in a YEAR).

Loads of Hope was borne out of the need of Louisanans affected by Hurricane Katrina. Since its inception, Loads of Hope has cleaned 35,000 loads of laundry for 20,000 families. Proctor and Gamble is asking for your help in keeping the program running. By purchasing a Loads of Hope T Shirt, you can help make sure that communities affected by disasters can have one small comfort-clean clothes. All profits from the sale of the shirts goes towards continuing this project.

Consider giving those in disaster areas a little bit of Hope.


Anonymous said…
I love the retro look of the shirt!

Great cause.

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