Whenever we move, things aren't unpacked fast enough for my liking. For weeks/months/years, we're always looking for stuff. "Honey, where's my beard trimmer?" (dunno, one of the boxes that says 'bathroom' maybe?), "Where's the thermometer/motrin?" (again, a box that says bathroom?) "Where's the coffee pot?" (that I found pretty quickly.) Heck, this move I found stuff that had been missing since the last move in 2005!

The search goes on to things outside the house. A new city means we have to find:
*A new butcher. The old one is by Chef's cooking school, but isn't convenient on a daily basis. Yes, I am spoiled, the supermarkets don't do it nearly as well.
*A new farm stand. Boy, how I'll miss the one that was right by our house. These are plentiful here, but finding good ones take a little work.
*A good pizza joint. A decent prospect has been tendered, now we need to check it out. If we want Cali crust or Chicago style, I suspect we'll still travel to Brandon.
*WiFi places. So far, I've only found Panera. (someone should have a web page for this!)
*Good mom and pop businesses to patronize (like a jeweler to fix my engagement ring)
*A dentist. We never bothered to find one in the old place.
*A Family practice. For now, we'll keep the old one. I like them a lot.

We've been fortunate, we scored a good homestyle restaurant before we'd even had the chance to sleep in the new place. There's a place in downtown Lakeland that looks like it's been there for eons. Harry's, right on Main Street. It's cozy, homey and reasonably priced.

The pecan pie is to die for and everything else? Well, it didn't come from a microwave. The burgers are fresh made, the pork loin and meatloaf we had recently was just like Mom's. They make sweet tea non stop (yum) and I am looking forward to trying breakfast.

I'll deal with having to search for things when I know that after all that searching, I've got someplace to get a damn good meal.

This is what comes of the searches I like to do. I'm going to enjoy this part of moving...


daysgoby said…
Places like that make the moving bearable!

Well, at least you know there's a reward in there somewhere, right?
Suzanne said…

Yes-if there's a crappy day, I know I can go get a good meal that I didn't have to cook! :)
Always scout out the food possibilities!


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