Friday, March 28, 2008

Someone else who isn't enamored of Oprah

This morning, the radio had some interesting listening. Skip Mehaffie interviewed LO, short for "Living Oprah." A woman has decided that she will spend one year doing whatever Oprah says is important. She will buy stuff, obey O's life rules, prepare food according to whatever Oprah dictates, read all the books club selections, etc. She is blogging about the experience here.

I have a confession to make: I am NOT a fan of Oprah. I don't know what it is: the carnival barker shouting, as if her audience were clueless shmoes (hmmmmm), the show contents, or the fact that she seems to be overly fond of Scientology weirdos. Maybe it's something else. All I know is that in the past ten years, I may have caught a total of ten minutes of her show. It does not appeal to me.

Part of me suspects that everyone seems to revere the woman as if she's a god and knows everything. I consider myself to be a savvy individual-I don't need someone else to tell my how to run my life. I also have issue with Dr. Phil for similar reasons. (aka Oprah's monster, lol)

Lo's experiment is fascinating. She wants to see if 'living Oprah' makes her life better, improves her relationships and makes her more successful. So far, she says she's seriously stressed but people tell her she looks good. (why am I hearing Nando saying 'it is far better to look good than to feel good, darling, and you. look. mahvelous!'?)

To hear LO tell it this morning, Oprah's guidelines are costing her a lot of money. She bought new clothes, which make her feel like a clown. Then book club selections and the workbooks that go along with them. She signed a diet contract that had her throwing out things in her pantry and buying things that fit in to the diet. (Meanwhile, part of that contract was 'no sugar' and the next day, O was eating ice cream on her show-do as I say, not as I do?)

I plan to look a little more later, but boy, it was funny as heck to drive in to work today and hear someone be snarky on Oprah. LO impressed me in that she says Oprah is not the greatest thing since sliced bread. LO, I agree 100% and I think we're a minority.

4 People talked back:

daysgoby said...

Yeah, there aren't many of us who don't like her, and I can't figure out WHY....

don't people get tired of the rah-rah and the eye rolls and the way she is a big bag of nothin' natural anymore?

Laura said...

Oh, I am SO with you...I do not like much of anything she talks about (not that I've ever watched her show...I do NOT *do* TV, either)...

That girl's blog is intersting...I couldn't do it myself (military wife with 6 kids does NOT have the financial wherewithall to buy into all that crap that passes for "good programing")...but in is interesting to see someone debunking Oprah!

klasieprof said...

ohh i so AGREE!!...I do like SOME of the stuff she brings up...but SHE gets scammed too, like with that author a year or so ago that was a COMPLETE FAKE. He wrote about his drug addiction and recovery, "O" bought it hook line and sinker..and OOOPS...turns out the guy FAKED it all!!
Partial truths, misleading events, the entire package is not there. Remember she is in SHOW business to MAKE matter how "ethereal" she try's to be

imaginary binky said...

Darn it, lady. You got me hooked on this Oprah blog. haha. It's excellent.