Rolling, Rolling, Rolling...

The progress so far:

Gameboy's room is moved.
The office is moved. (In the new place, the family room has become the office/studio)
The garage is 90% emptied.
One bathroom is completely moved.
Dining room is moved.
All the furniture in our bedroom is moved, except the bed.

Left to do:
The kitchen
Chef Jr's room
Living Room
Walk in closet and our bathroom
Move the piano
Swap out the dishwasher

You know the stage in moving where everything is a disaster and involves much more than 30 seconds to chuck it in a box? Yeah, that's where we're at right now. We've got huge piles of *stuff* everywhere.

Note to self-when you've kept the weight off for almost two years, there is NO NEED to keep all the XL tee shirts. Even if they've got your favorite Disney characters on them.

I want to be finished already!


Stacey said…
Ohhh I'm sorry...I'm came by from the blog party. It's exciting moving, though, this will soon be a distant memory!
Gypsydoodlebug said…
Little by little, you're getting it done!
Mike Golch said…
Move the piano.we had one in one of the houses we used to live in,we were renting from my aunt.once a month Mom decided to rearrange the liveing room and so Dad and I would be moveing that upright around the room.At one point Dad threatened to get lag bolts and boult the piano donw so it could not be moved.Hoe the ove id going smouthly for ya!
Suzanne said…
I'm going to call Ryder this morning and see if they rent mover's dollies. If they do, we'll be able to move that sucker, and the fridge, too. That'll save a pile of money.
Actually, that is one of the best parts about moving - getting rid of a lot of old stuff. It's always amazing just what you can't consider parting with for years, until one day....

And if the moving company doesn't rent dollies, a local home improvement store should.

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