And Now For Something Completely Different

We've got a deadline here, so I won't tell the story of yesterday until tonight. It may even be tomorrow. In the meantime, I don't want to shirk my Blog 365 duties, so you get...


No, not my kitty. My nose is still stuffed up from petting Scamp, but it's worth it because he's just so gosh darn CUTE. Here's yesterday's photo session. Scamp is the inlaws cat. Yes, they named him after a Disney dog. Their other cat is named after a Disney bug. I didn't have any input on the fact tact that there are dozens of Disney CATS they could have named him after.

Look at me, I'm as playful as a kitten on a string. Oh wait, I am a kitten. That's a string. Duh.

Man, that flash is BRIGHT! Why didn't you tell me that when I signed my model's release?!

So, which website are these going to show up in? LOLCats? I can haz Cheezburger? What? Just in So, You Don't Get Any Phone Calls From Me?

That's it, I'm not posing anymore. I want to be on a website with lots of hits every day. Oh wait, you have a hand that's ready to pet me?

Here's your money shot, lady. Keep petting.


Grandy said…
Ha...cats are so funny!!
Anonymous said…
Awww, what a pretteh kitteh..

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