Live From Lakeland

Well, almost. We don’t have internet access at the new place, and I thought I might be able to hijack bandwidth. No such luck. So I’ll type the entry at the new house, and probably upload it in a little while when we’re out and about.

Today’s tasks include enrolling the kids in school and picking up the Ryder truck. We’re the veterans of many moves, but we’ve never used Ryder before. Why this time? Well, I wanted to see if they had ramps for us to bring our heavy stuff up into the truck. When there are only two people doing the work, you need the help.

I had a coworker ask why we didn’t have anyone to help. Well, folks, that’s the life of Aspie parents. You can’t really leave your child in the care of a teenager, so you don’t go out without them. It makes it hard to socialize. Yes, an extra two people would save me a lot of money, because I wouldn’t have to hire movers for the piano, fridge and the two armoires. Oh well.

The Ryder truck has a hydraulic lift. Score. It means we’ll get everything but those four items out of the house ourselves.

Are we on track for being out by Thursday? Possibly. We still have a lot of packing to do. The kitchen needs to be packed, but that’s not all that bad. The master bath and all our clothes are not done. Again, it’s not bad, it’s just time consuming. The garage is nearly empty, just the bicycles, freezer and three million Rescue Heroes toys that are going to be sold at a yard sale as soon as we’re settled.

Time to go. If I have a place to sit tonight in the old place, I’ll update further.


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