Starting the Schlep

Yesterday was a rather busy day. We:

Drove to Orlando to our bank branch for a cashier's check.

Drove to the realty office to sign our lease and got the key to the house.

Went to the electric company's office to transfer the bill to our name.

Went to the house to walk through and get an idea of where to place our dining room table, piano and computers. I think we have to see if our table fits into the breakfast nook before we decide anything else.

Went over to see Jane, visited for a bit and got her van to begin the schlep.

Went to Costco to get two sets of wire shelves to organize the things in the garage AS they come in.

Loaded the van with things from our garage and drove over to my friend Bob's house. He generously offered use of his garage temporarily. This means we won't be cluttered as soon as we move in-we can assimilate better. (btw, we found stuff we knew we had, but couldn't find for three years)

Unloaded the boxes into Bob's garage, then drove to our place and gave the boys the grand tour. Set up the shelves. Forgot the tape measure to check measurements for the fridge and to order Gameboy's shades. (the only room without window treatments of any type)

Went to Friday's for a late night dinner because we were bushed.

Today will involve another trip to Bob's garage and then we'll return the van for today. I've got to be to work tonight at 5pm. I'd asked for tomorrow off to go to the Strawberry festival to see Lotus' husband play. I think it's more important to get as much as possible done with the move.


klasieprof said…
Just wanted to give you the heads up on this blog I found, "OUR asperger's Teenage boy".
Their son got accepted into college!! HOW COOOOOOL is that?
Any hope sometimes we can get is a gift.
Grandy said…
Wow...I'm tired just reading this!! ;)

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