Yay, Internet

Boo, no router! I've got a couple of posts that detail the move and the start of the new schools. Unfortunately, the cable modem requires one file that is not on my laptop, so they'll have to wait until we get a new router.

There's the rub. Do we get a super G modem or buy an N modem? My thought is that the N is the way to go. Ed's waffling on the issue, but if we're going to buy it down the road anyway, why not get it now? He's not convinced. In addition to the new router, I'll probably be picking up a wireless card for the laptop. It's been giving me loading errors with stunning frequency lately. I can't spend a pile of money on a new laptop, so I'll throw some money at a card instead.

Today was my first day off since completing the move. A day of rest and relaxation. Sorta. The phone rang this morning, waking me from slumber. After Brighthouse left, we ran a few errands and my tired body craved a nap. Once again, the phone rang.

I decided to use Ed's computer to check email and possibly blog. First order of business was to check where that box of See's was. It was delivered at 2:30 TO THE OLD ADDRESS!!!! Argh! I'd put in the new address and I am 99 94/100% sure that I'd checked the new address as the ship to (hadn't changed the address with the bank yet) address. No, it was delivered to the other address. It's 80+ degrees today and it's a box of chocolate. We called a fellow parent from our old school to pick it up, but I feared that the neighborhood ruffians would see a box at an empty house and swipe it (melted chocolate, yummy). I hopped in the car and a half hour later, the box was in hand.

We're nearly situated for Sunday. Candy: check. Baskets: check.(we have the boys set out their baskets for the Easter Bunny) Coloring kit: check, it's even got Star Wars sleeves to make those eggs look like R2D2 and C3PO, too. Sunscreen: oops, gotta get some.

This year is a little different. We're going to spend the day at Aquatica, Sea World's new water park. After the past few weeks, some fun in the sun and water is the perfect antidote for what ails us.

I suppose I should drag the laptop to work tomorrow to get part one of the moving saga out to the blogosphere!


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