Getting empty around here...

The moveout:

This picture was taken in October 2006 to show off the new Dale Tiffany Lamp (one of our Cali trip purchases):

The same room, yesterday:

We've got to get that lamp down. Those bottles of wine are the reward when it's all done! (note to self-when did we drink all that wine that filled the box?)


Hi Suzanne! Nice lamp.

Thanks for dropping by my place! It would appear to be a big flu/cold season. Wonder if we're setting records?

Good luck on your move!
Suzanne said…
Thanks for stopping in here!

Yeah, the lamp is cool. We were driving along I-5 heading into LA and noticed the Dale Tiffany Outlet. We HAD to stop! That lamp is a sample, a one of a kind that was made to test the feasibility of mass production.

We love it.

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